Corona Virus Church Updates

To all our beloved members of St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, East Brunswick, New Jersey, we continue to pray for health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Church Services and Schedule:

Liturgy of the Catechumens

Establish a liturgy in your home by praying the liturgy of the catechumens
Explanation of the Catechumen Liturgy – Fr Mina Dimitri
اسس قداس في بيتك بصلاة قداس الموعوظين
شرح قداس الموعوظين -أبونا مينا ديميتري

To keep our blessed church family update and close together, please consider sending us a “check-in” picture
(while you are studying, praying, or watching streaming) to
Let us know how you are doing, what changes you’ve made to your daily activities, and what is happening in the area where you live.
The church will create a weekly video with the pictures you share with us!

Crisis Fund

The Church is establishing a crisis fund to help those affected by the current situation both here and in Egypt. If you would like to donate, please click on the link and write “CRISIS FUND” in the dedication field.


For anyone who is suspended from work or suffering tremendous reduced hours, they can apply for unemployment

Employed: yes
Comment: my employer ceased operations due to COVID-19
Drop down menu: select COVID-19

For those who have been laid off, have employment authorization, and are looking for a job:

If you have any prayer requests or commemorations,
please email
or text/call  Anton at (732) 236-5473


Please send your questions and requests to the following email:

All questions and requests will remain confidential.

If you would like to take the blessing of this service, please contact 
Rebecca Girgis at

We are blessed that many of our youth want to help those who are struggling this time of hardship

There are few ways you can help
1. If you want to be in the task force that delivers food, medicine, or available for emergencies, reach out to @Rebecca Anna Girgis

2. For any donation less than a 100 dollars, you can Venmo @Mina-Dimitri and please right your address in the note section

3. If you have supplies that you would like to share specifically, fever reducing medicine or inhalers or immune boosters such as vitamins, gloves, thermometer and masks please contact @Marc Gaballa +1 (732) 556-7009

If you or anyone needs help, please contact one of the fathers.