General Info

  • Meetings are usually on the Second Thursday of the month. Please plan to come, if it is an emergency you can not make it, notify your trustee in advance. If you have ideas about topics or things you would like to discuss in those meetings, let your trustee know. Please e-mail Servants@saint-mary.net to be included in the mailing list.

Meetings' Materials

  • Servants General Meeting December-2011
    • Why are we serving? [MP3] - [Video]
      By :Rev. Fr. Tadros Malaty
  • Servants General Meeting November-09
  • Servants General Meeting October-09
    • Counseling [MP3]
      By :Dr. Yousry Armanios
  • Servants General Meeting September-09
  • Servants General Meeting June-09
    • Managing Behavior in Children (Part I) [Presentation]
    • Managing Behavior in Adolescents (Part II) [Presentation] - [MP3] - [Video]
      By :Christine E. Agaibi, M.A., PhD Candidate in Counseling Psychology
  • Servants General Meeting March-06
    • Fr. Athansius Talk Part (1), (2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7)


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by Matthew the Poor
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