Priests Who Serve Our Church

Very Reverend Fr. Marcos Habib

Date of Ordination: 06/29/1973
Date of Elevation: 02/12/1989

Very Reverend Fr. Mauritius Anba Bishoy

Date of Tonsure: 10/09/1995
Date of Ordination: 06/07/1999
Date of Elevation: 04/26/2011

Very Reverend Fr. Mark Hanna

Date of Ordination: 11/14/2005
Date of Elevation: 09/21/2018

Reverend Fr. Kyrillos Said

Date of Ordination: 03/11/2007

Reverend Fr. Mina Dimitri

Date of Ordination: 12/19/2015

Cell: (732) 439–4795

Confession Availability

Available daily by appointment

Cell: (330) 550–8570

Confession Availability

Friday 7-9:30 PM
Saturday 7-10 PM
Also available by appointment

Cell: (908) 227–8503

Confession Availability

Tuesday 9-12 PM
Wednesday 8:30-10 PM
Friday 6-10 PM
Saturday 6:30-10 PM

Cell: (732) 801–8344

Confession Availability

Monday 7-9 PM
Friday 7-10 PM
Saturday 6-9 PM
Also available by appointment

Cell: (317) 627–4445

Confession Availability

Thursday 7-9 PM
Saturday 7-9 PM

A few things to keep in mind

  • You have to come 15 mins early
  • Pray the prayer before confession
  • Abstain from talking for 15 mins prior to confession
  • Make sure you have collected your thoughts

If you are not on time, you might miss your appointment

Also, of course, Please be mindful if you or a family member are sick, it would be best to stay home and rest.

*Additionally, please be sure to WEAR A MASK before entering the church!

Thank you!