our beloved Rev. Fr Jacob Gendy

By: St Mary Coptic Church

Congratulations to our beloved Reverend Father Jacob Gendy on receiving the grace and gift of priesthood in St. Philopateer Coptic Church in Dallas, TX in the diocese of the Southern United States.

We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the ordination of our beloved Rev. Fr. Jacob Gendy. The consecration of one member edifies the whole body. Our Lord works through humanity to save humanity. St. John Chrysostom said

“the work of the priesthood is practiced on earth but reside in heaven. This heavenly residence is occupied by the Holy Spirit.”

Our Lord Christ invited St. Peter to serve the flock as the natural consequence of St. Peter’s love to our Lord. We are all invited to serve the Lord.

The consecration of Fr. Jacob and his family is an invitation for us to lead a life of repentance. Fr. Bishoy Kamel said that the priest is a repentant leading others to repentance. As much as we rejoice in the work of God in His children, we also pray that we might understand the responsibility of God’s personal adoption to all of us to.

Congratulations to our beloved Rev. Father Jacob and his family for this great invitation. We all lift our hearts that our Lord may give him double of the spirit of Elijah and we ask Abouna to remember us on the altar in front of our Lord.


Reverend Father Jacob Gendy was ordained as a Presbyter for the Church of St. Philopateer in Dallas, TX on Sunday, August 1, 2021 at the hands of HG Bishop Youssef, Bishop of the Diocese of the Southern United States. 

The ordination was blessed with the attendance of HE Metropolitan Serapion, Metropolitan of Los Angeles, Southern California, and Hawaii and their Graces Bishop Basil and  Bishop Gregory, Auxiliary Bishops in the Southern Diocese of the United States.