Liturgy Attendance Registration


  • The Liturgies will only be attended by St. Mary Church congregants, requiring each family to register below. The sign-up sheet is on a first come first serve basis. The database will generate the order of attendees based on each family’s entry.

  • Each parishioner will be required to arrive before the service begins. Once it begins, the doors of the Church will be locked and no additional entrance will be allowed in compliance with the law.
  • Absolutely no Cell Phones will be allowed during Liturgy. Please leave all cell phones in the car or turn them off before you enter the Church.
  • Every parishioner will be required to bring their own Communion linen (lefafa) to cover their mouth after partaking of the Holy Body and Precious Blood. No linens or water cups will be available to the parishioners.
  • Every family that has younger kids will be responsible for maintaining social distancing for their kids. Please try to avoid having the kids run in Church.
  • Families will be required to disinfect each area that they were attending, in an effort to assist each other with keeping the sanitation laws as set by the CDC.
  • After the Liturgy is over, there will be no social gatherings or food and bevergaes that will be distributed in the Church.
  • Please only have ONE family member register for the entire family.