About the Servants Meeting

On the Second Sunday of every month, the General Servants Meeting is held in the Agape House after Second Liturgy. The purpose of the meeting is twofold. Firstly, it serves to nourish the spiritual, educational, and administrative needs of the servants. Secondly, and of equal importance, the meeting is a great time to foster fellowship with the whole body of servants.  It is extremely important to remain committed to the growth of the service on a personal level and on an ecclesiological level and for this reason, the meeting is absolutely mandatory for all servants. If a servant is unable to make it to a meeting, he should reach out to one of the fathers as well as their service leader to inform them. 

Suggestions or Questions for the Fathers

Previous Recordings

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Schedule of Speakers

  • June 2020 – Brother Antonios
  • July 2020 – Fr. Mina Dimitri
  • August 2020 – Fr. Kyrillos Said
  • September 2020 – Fr. Mark Hanna
  • October 2020 – Dr. Hani Ashamalla
  • November 2020 – Fr. Tadros Malaty