The Year Of Self-Discipline

“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” (Gal 5: 22-23)

Every New Year’s Eve, we make a list of resolutions trying to perfect one of the special virtues to sustain our focus on the path to the kingdom of God. This New Year, I suggest we dedicate it to “self discipline”

I was deeply moved by the views of St. Basil the Great on self control and purity. His beliefs and insight on the matter have lifted up the believer’s heart, mind and his entire being to the Heavenly Father, giving support to live a joyful life despite the troubles of this world. This is a reminder of the three young men who were full of joy and praises in the midst of the fiery furnace.


According to St. Basil;


  • Self discipline is being absorbed in God Himself, as it provides a complete internal happiness. He, who has attained such purity, has a heart filled with joy and peace. When our heart is fully pure, it overflows with grace and pours unto others.

  • As God’s Glory is deeply rooted within us, reflecting over our senses, emotions and thoughts that we may not swerve off the righteous path, neither to the left nor to the right.

  • Self discipline is the control of the soul, senses, emotions, thoughts, and even the physical desires of the body. In this way, the faithful does not fall in temptations of the physical desires, greed (or love of money), fake glory or false flattery.

  • Self discipline is a virtue through which we can reach all the other virtues, leaving no room for evil to enter our hearts.

Self-Discipline in our life

In short, St. Basil stresses on the importance of Self Discipline in our life, as it satisfies all aspects of our being, protecting us from deviation or swerving off the right and straight path.

  • Discipline of the heart is one’s heart ever so flowing with love to his only God, adoring the Holy Trinity, enjoying His presence, nourished on His Grace, and growing in His Image daily till Eternity.

  • Discipline of the body is one’s satisfaction in a spiritual life, avoiding the bondage and slavery to sexual immoralities, and the temptations of this world. Control of the body lifts us higher on the spiritual ladder day by day; as we become less and less interested in more than the minimum necessities.

  • Discipline of the eyes is one’s simple vision of all that is pure and good; awaiting the day to see the Lord face to face.

  • Discipline of the tongue is one’s control over the false, malicious, or idle talk, rather a speech in what is good, positive and constructive.

  • Discipline of the rest of the body and the senses is one’s compelling desire to move forward on the way of the Truth and the eternal life, which is our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Discipline in using the time, One’s life is a very precious time; with every breath taken is a blessed gift from the Holy Spirit. Using one’s time to desire every human being’s salvation, and longing for the joyful life in the bosom of our Lord.

O’ Lord; may you pour your light and glory on all mankind!

O’ Lord; may You appear in everyone’s life and even in our dreams!

O’ Lord; may You Transform our earth to be as Your Heaven!

O’ Lord; may You allow us to see those who resist you now to become like your angels!

O’ Lord; may You Sanctify the whole entire world and make us all shine with true devotion to You; we pray!

Please spread this message to all your loved ones.